Ingrid Vinci of Search 4 Experts is a licensed attorney.

Owned and operated by former litigation attorney, Ingrid Vinci, Search4Experts takes time to understand your case and locate relevant, credentialed expert witnesses to address your needs.

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Owned and operated by a licensed attorney.  Since 2006.


Our Process

Our Process


When you first contact Search4Experts, we will gather basic case information, such as the type of expert for which you are looking, a brief description of your case, the party names, the names of opposing counsel and any opposing experts, and your expert disclosure deadline.


We have spent years developing an extensive network of experts and resources to assist in locating experts. We will contact the experts within our network who meet your criteria and/or utilize our resources to search for experts outside of our network.  Whenever possible, we will contact multiple experts about your search.


We will send you the CVs and fee schedules of all of the experts who indicate they are qualified and available to work on your particular case. You will have an opportunity to speak to any of the experts directly, so that you can make an informed decision regarding the right expert for your case. If you ultimately retain an expert who we have located for you, the expert will pay Search4Experts a percentage of his or her hourly rate in exchange for administrative support.  You pay only the expert’s regular hourly rate; you are not charged any additional fees for working with Search4Experts.


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